Interesting facts about home building and remodeling

Remodeling Cost vs Value

Home prices are on the rise again in many cities as home buyers return to a market with very little inventory. If you thinking about selling, this might be a good time. Given that, does it make sense to invest in remodeling as a means to increase your selling price?...

What you don’t know CAN hurt you

The Dangers of Hazardous Chemicals in Renovation Projects Now that the economy has begun to stabilize, many homeowners are continuing saving money by doing their own home renovation projects. However, some of them do not look before they leap and take on projects they...

The New Look in Appliances

Innovations in technology and design have totally redefined the modern kitchen. These are not the appliances you grew up with!

The Science Behind Kitchen Layout

Who knew there was such a discipline, but when you stop to think about it- it makes perfect sense. How often have you run into poor design and noticed it by an awkwardly placed cabinet or appliance? The type of placement that requires one or the other to be closed?...

New Trends in Kitchens and Baths

The kitchen and bath industry is at the forefront of sustainable design trends, with the development of new “Green” products, streamlined organization, energy efficient LED Technology that keeps in mind today’s busy family lifestyle.

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