Heitt-Hurst Home

Walt built us this luxury home, to our specifications, on an acre of prime real estate in Danville.

This home, originally built in the late 50’s, had been vacant for some time. The property did not have any insulation and suffered from inadequate heating and air conditioning. The roof leaked, the floors were rotting, and it was contaminated with asbestos and infested with termites.

Here’s how it looked out back.

The first thing Walt did was bring in a professional asbestos removal team.

We wanted to tear down the entire structure, but by leaving the front wall standing, we were able to qualify as a remodel instead of new construction, saving  thousands of dollars in permit fees.

Walt’s team pouring the new foundation.

This is the framing for the new floor.

The new walls are up.

Walt brought in a crane to load the roof trusses.

Here it is with the rough framing complete.

Windows and roofing are being installed.

The finished family room is spacious and open.

The family room extends seamlessly into the kitchen.

The kitchen is elegant and inviting.

Rear view of new house. Note the photovoltaics on the roof.

The patio out back lets us make the best use of warm California evenings.