The Microwave Drawer from Sharp
The Microwave Drawer

Sharp Electronics’ Microwave Drawer has re-invented kitchen convenience by disposing of countertop clutter. The Microwave Drawer is designed to fit under counters, stovetops, or wall ovens, as well as within islands. Find out more at

New Kitchen Appliances Telescopic Swivel Ventilati 
Telescopic Swivel Ventilation System

Gaggenau’s new ventilation system allows those cooking to breathe easier by removing cooking vapors directly above the stove. The arm can swivel higher and lower, as well as rotate 90 degrees. After use, the system automatically retracts into the cooking surface.

New Kitchen Designs The Mystic Sink by Elkay
Elkay Mystic Sink

The Mystic Sink by Elkay was designed for entertainment in the kitchen. By filling the sink with ice and drinks, the area can used as a self-serve station for your guests. The sink is creatively designed so that the water flows naturally through its curvy shape. The unique sink makes a great focal point for your contemporary kitchen. Learn more

Luxury Kitchen Wine Storage System
Wine Storage

Undercounter wine storage is the perfect appliance for any wine connoisseur. Sub-zero’s product stores 46 bottles and provides a refrigeration system with two temperature zones that are individually controlled. Wine storage units can be made flush with your cabinetry making your kitchen look clean and organized. Learn more 

Drawer Refrigerator for Kitchen Remodeling
Drawer Refrigerator

Drawer refrigerators can be installed under your kitchen counter to eliminate clutter and provide convenience. The GE double-drawer refrigerator has two drawers with adjustable dividers for modifying your storage space. A perfect place for items like drinks or vegetables.Learn more 

EnvironSlab countertop, new design for kitchens

Made by EnviroGLAS, this countertop is environmentally friendly and easy to maintain. This unique design is made out of 100% recycled glass and is heat and scratch resistant. EnviroSLAB is comparable to granite; it’s eye-catching and will last a lifetime. Learn more 

Steam Oven from Sharp
Steam Oven

Sharp has responded to the increasing trend of healthy living with their Superheated Steam Oven. Steam cooking food is a healthier option than grilling, roasting and baking. Steam ovens can reduce fat content in meats and poultry while maintaining great taste. Steam ovens are a convenient and healthy way to cook your meals.