The Wehrli Advantage

Why our customers are a lot happier working with us

When you’re looking for a contractor to build or upgrade your home, you see a lot of the same promises over and over. That makes it hard to know who to include in your bidding process.

So rather than tell you that we’re committed to quality and efficiency (and really, who isn’t?), we’d rather tell you exactly what we do differently from almost all other home construction contractors, and how that’s to your advantage.


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I’m on the job every day.

I personally visit every job site every day to ensure that we’re staying on top of everything, keeping tight to our schedule and budget commitments, and dealing with the unexpected things that always come up in any project. I’m also highly available via cell phone and email. You can call me any time.

We minimize the disruption that often accompanies home construction projects.

A major remodel can be a major disruption to your home life. We minimize this in many ways.

  • We wall off the work area so dirt and dust stay out of your home.
  • We clean the job site every day so you don’t have to worry about stepping on a nail or getting dusty when you inspect our progress.
  • For kitchen jobs, we set up an alternate kitchen area so you can still cook at home and live almost normally until your new kitchen is complete.

We’re gentlemen. And ladies.

We know that we’re being invited into your home and we take that seriously. We don’t use foul language. Everyone on the team is approachable and courteous. We clean up after ourselves.

We use specialists for every aspect of the job.

Most builders have a team of generalists who try to do everything, from electrical to plumbing to sheetrock to cleanup. We use specialists for every part of the job, so you’ll be getting the expertise and advice of a lighting expert, a master plumber, a top level electrician, a bona fide security wizard, a home automation genius…you get the idea.

We employ a professional project management approach.

We use a lot of the same project management disciplines I used when I oversaw the construction of global data centers. This means:

  • Better work, completed on time and on budget
  • A painless change order process that makes it easy for you to change your mind or make different decision mid-steam without compromising the overall project

We only install custom cabinets built locally.

Some contractors buy pre-made cabinets from out of state and match them to your project as best they can. We don’t believe that’s good enough. The advantages of our approach are:

  • A perfect fit, guaranteed. No gaps, scribing, fudging, cheating or awkward proportions.
  • It’s fast and easy to get replacement pieces
  • The sealants used in overseas cabinets have been banned by the state of California for health reasons. (As they cure, they release small but measurable levels of toxic gases.) We prefer the greener, safer sealants that our local craftsmen use, especially since they work just as well.